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Choosing Your IT and Telecommunications Recruitment Company

A Hard Decision Made Easy
As a candidate or as a client, there are a number of IT and Telecommunication recruitment companies in the market. Choosing one to use to help find you a job or which one to add to your Preferred Supplier List can be difficult. So, why choose Tangent International?

Does The Personal Touch Still Matter?

To some candidates and clients, recruiters have always been ‘the voice at the end of the phone’ - an impersonal necessity. From the initial, often cold call, contact with the client to discuss their recruitment requirements through to the frantic calls and emails to track down suitable candidates; recruitment agencies can sometimes seem shrouded in mystery. Arguably, ensuring there is still a refrain of the ‘personal touch’ is easier for those recruitment companies operating solely in the UK, to secure a deal or agree contracts face to face meetings were – and are – still possible. So how does a global recruitment company, like Tangent International, maintain their personal touch &, actually, does it even count for anything in this digital day and age?

Dubai, the new Hong Kong

For a long time lists of ‘The world’s best city to live and work in’ were headed by just one city – Hong Kong. However, in recent years a number of other cities have looked to take this title and Dubai has now successfully taken the crown.

Tech-Hub Community and Commerce Collaboration

Group Operations Director, Lord Stanton meets Oliver Morley CEO of DVLA at the inauguration of the Tech-Hub Community and Commerce Collaboration event in Swansea on 14th November 2014

Looking after more than just your career needs

In the last three years Tangent International have won, and been highly commended twice in, the ‘best international candidate care’ category at the prestigious Recruiter Awards for Excellence. This means, in short, that we care. We care not only that we are finding you the right job but also, the right ‘life’.

Taking Ebola seriously in the recruiting world

Although the Ebola scare is yet to take hold in Europe and the Western world, there is – according to Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth - a "race against time" to stop the disease spreading. UK airports are now screening passengers arriving from the worst-affected countries with Manchester airport being the latest airport to adopt this policy. Clearly there is a responsibility to manage or rather, to minimise, the spread of this disease.

Operating in a truly global market place - technology helps push the frontiers

It is not so long ago that recruitment agencies really only operated in geographically local areas. Those agencies that had multiple UK offices could, if they worked together, offer national coverage to those candidates who were willing to travel or relocate.  However, a local agency offering true global reach was rare and the ability to source willing candidates, suitable for positions dotted around the world, was even rarer.