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For over thirty years Tangent have built a reputation for providing high quality recruitment services to a diverse and truly international client base. Having worked in 175 countries, with candidates and clients from 220, there are few companies in the world who can match our global expertise. Tangent are possibly the most experienced international recruiter on the planet.

However we want to know about you and your job experiences.

Candidate Preparation for a first stage Interview

When preparing for your first interview it is essential that the recruiter you are working with acts as your trusted advisor, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the task ahead. The importance of a first stage face-to-face meeting with a prospective employer should not be taken lightly, and therefore working with a professional recruiter who can guide you through the process seamlessly is of the upmost importance and integral to the potential success of you securing your ideal job.

Recruiting/Developing the Talent of Tomorrow

Tangent has always prided itself on a low staff turnover, but what does this actually turn into, in terms of benefits and adding value for a company in general? Long term, the benefits are in succession planning, ensuring the company have the Account Managers of tomorrow. Short term, the company needs to creates opportunity for development, which if rewarding and incentivised, create a dynamic and competitive environment, which as a consequence, the individual and company both benefit from.

FMCG Market: is the place to be

Many of us are fortunate to have the freedom to choose the way we live and what we consume. Freedom of choice is a key factor in the highly competitive, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and unless companies continually deliver value and satisfaction, their customers will switch allegiance.  All of us are consumers of FMCG (food, drink, confectionery, toiletries) but some of us have the opportunity to use our imagination, skill, experience and determination to create, shape and improve products for this dynamic marketplace.  Each product is the result of the efforts of teams of people in a wide variety of roles working in collaboration nationally and, often, internationally.